We changed our name

Weddingly becomes Toast

We’ve made a change! We’ve loved being Weddingly, but with the launch of our new platform, we wanted to bring with it a new name and Brand.

We wanted to have a Brand that represented the joy encapsulated in your special events.
And who doesn’t love a Toast?!
It’s often one of the most special parts of your wedding day. You only toast to monumental and special moments in your life, so, for us, it was the perfect name! 

This new identity gives us the opportunity to support you on your Wedding Days and so many other special events in the future.
We hope you love it as much as we do.

We’ve brought out so many new features and experiences that will make your planning all the more engaging, easy and exciting. Take a look around and get stuck in to your planning today.

We would like to thank all the members of our community that have been with us on this journey from the beginning and to our Team, Advisors and Investors who have helped us reach this exciting goal. 

It’s time to Toast, to a new era!

With Best Wishes, Ellena Ophira, Founder and CEO at Toast

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