How To Tag Your Photos

More Photos + More Tags =
More Couple Enquiries

Photo by Samie Lee

Why is it so important to tag your photos? 

Toast uses a photo-led search to make the hunt for suppliers more fun, easy and personal for couples. We do this by using the information that you tag your photos with to match you with couples who we know will love your work.

(It’s like the benefits of Instagram, Pinterest and Google all rolled into one!) 

For Example:

If a couple is looking for a boho style wedding in London with a pink colour palette- and you’ve tagged a photo with boho, london and pink- you’ll be a match. Your photo will appear in their search. 

If a couple has a high-end budget and are looking for a luxury Manor House in Hertfordshire, and you’ve tagged a photo with luxury, Manor House, Hertfordshire and a top tier budget- you’ll be a match. Your photo will appear in their search. 

Just like with social media- the more photos you upload and the more tags you include, the more searches you'll appear in.   

On the other hand, as our search is photo-led, if you don’t upload and tag your photos at all, couples won’t be able to find you.

For a quick look at how to optimise your photos for the best results, watch our step-by-step video tutorial or scroll down to read our tagging guide. 

How To Tag Your Photos - Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Tag Your Descriptions

We use these tags to match you with couples, based on the details of their wedding- including style, budget and location.

Upload your photos and use our handy tagging sidebar to add descriptive tags. You can load your photos with useful details about location, budget, style, season, culture/heritage and colour palette. Whatever information you either know about or can see in the photo, tag it here.

Tag Your Descriptions

Step 2

Tag Yourself and Your Services

This is how couples can see exactly what service of yours is in the photo. It’s also how we help couples find specific suppliers or services that they are looking for.
For this step, you need to tag yourself and the item/service you provided in every photo.

For example, if you’re a florist, tag yourself and whatever beautiful floristry you worked on- whether that be a bouquet, a flower crown, a hanging installation or even a type of flower! That way, if a couple searches for ‘bouquet’, you’ll be a match and will appear in their search. (Even better, if they search for a pink bouquet, and you’ve already tagged your photo with ‘pink’ in the previous step- you’ll be a top match!)

Tag Yourself and Your Services

Step 3

Tag Other Suppliers

Once you’ve tagged yourself in every photo, it’s time to tag any other suppliers who also appear in that photo.

Why should I bother tagging other suppliers in my photos?
When we say more tags lead to more enquiries, we mean it.
If you tag the photographer, the venue, the hair/make up artist and the florist that also appear in the photo you’ve uploaded- you’ll additionally be matched with couples who are looking for these services. The couple might have started off looking for a venue- but this way they’ll spot your photo with your work inside that venue. Giving them that extra chance to find and fall in love with your work. Plus- other suppliers will do it for you, too!

Tag Other Suppliers

And Don't Forget

Always Tag The Photographer

You must have permission/a granted license to use every photo you upload from the photographer who took the picture. You must also tag the photographer in the image. If they are not a supplier on Toast yet, pop in their email and we’ll send them an invite, on your behalf. Once they’ve created their listing, you’ll get an email letting you know and you can go back in and tag them in your photos.

If you cannot tag the photographer, because they are not listed, you must credit them in the description on your listing. It is your responsibility to credit the photographer fully.

Always Tag The Photographer
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