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If you're looking for assistance with something that isn't there, then just drop our team a line on [email protected] and we'll get back to you shortly!

FAQ's For Suppliers

How does it work? 
Toast asks all couples a number of questions when they sign up and uses their answers to create the perfect selection of suppliers for their wedding based on style, location and budget.  That way, couples get amazing inspiration and direct links to fabulous suppliers who can provide them with just what they want, and you get quality leads without the look-ee-loos.  Couples can get in touch directly via your profile page and even chat instantly via FB messenger directly from your profile.*
What's with all the tagging?  
Every photo on the Toast platform is tagged numerous times. These tags can include specific Supplier credits, as well as style, colour, location and budget tags etc. Specific items can also be tagged, such as ‘Pizza,’ or ‘Peonies.’ These tags are matched to the Quiz and the Search functionality. When a couple tells us what they want for their big day, we match their choices with the most relevant tags. 
The more specific you are when you’re tagging your photos, the more times you will show up in search results.

Why should I bother tagging other people, won't that make it confusing? 
Not at all!  When you tag someone else in a photo, your image would show up in a search for them too.  This means that your photo could get seen as many times as the number of tags!  And, if you have some gorgeous work in someone else's photo and you're tagged, you get seen there too.  Plus, this is the way that weddings work, lots of suppliers coming together to create a couple's perfect day - let's make it easier for the couples to see how you work together and book a complete team who they can see already work great together.  Remember, the more photos you get seen in, the more likely you are to get great quality leads!
For more support with tagging, please email [email protected]
What if someone tags me and the photo is wrong, not of me or I don't want it showing up? 
Don't worry, if you get tagged in a photo, you will get notified either in your Dashboard, if you are a Member, or via email if you’re yet to join us.  If it's not right for any reason, get in touch with us from the email or directly via the site and we will sort it for you!
Just email us on [email protected] 
How do I edit my profile? 
Editing your profile couldn't be simpler.  When you are logged in, head to your Dashboard and Edit your Listing should be the first box you see at the top, on the left hand side. 
You can edit your profile with ease from a Desktop or Mobile device.
Simply can add, update or change photos as you wish. You can even add, edit or change your connections directly from there.  It's one central place to find all you need.  
If you get stuck, simply get in touch with our team via [email protected]  
What's the difference between a free profile and a premium profile? 
We know how expensive marketing your business can be, and we think that great marketing shouldn't be too hard to find or afford, so we offer a basic profile on our site completely free for everyone.  Free profiles include up to 10 photos for your business, a brief intro to who you are and what you do, reviews and a message box for couples to enquire directly.  
For premium members, there's so much extra!  
For your profile, you get to add up to 40 photos (which, with all the tags you can add, means there's even more opportunity for you to get seen more effectively) AND you can add up to 5 videos too.  
As part of your premium membership, you can also; list in as many counties as you like, you get a bigger description, you can add brochures or downloads for couples and you can showcase your awards and publications.  Again, that's more opportunity for you to get seen. 
You can also link your FB messenger to your profile so couples can chat with you instantly, greatly increasing your opportunity of converting their business. 
Connect with other suppliers to grow your network (and the potential leads) AND you get unlimited access to the Toast Academy too, helping you reach your business goals.  
So that's a lot of extra for just £15 per month.  
How can I make the most of my Toast Premium Membership? 
Here are our top tips for making the most of your Toast Premium Membership: 

Use all 40 photos in your gallery: the more photos, the more tags, the more opportunity of you being seen!

Make sure your photos are taken by a professional:  Our couples love to see real weddings, these are much more inspiring and fun for them to browse through, so using photos from real weddings taken by pros will make your profile look and feel fabulous.  Can't get pro photos?  Don't worry - take a look at our blog post all about how to take gorgeous profile pics with your smartphone or digital camera. Add videos:  These don't have to be "wedding videos" as such.  If you are a photographer, why not include a slide show of your favourite wedding or weddings?  Florists or decor specialists could include how-to styling videos.  There are lots of options, from product videos, to how-to's, to slide shows, to simply an introduction to who you are and why that couple should choose you.  Video content is more shareable and more likeable on social media, so it's a great opportunity for you to be seen, and for your couples to get to know you better. 

Make the most of your Business Hub access:  The Toast Business Hub is an amazing store of B2B content for the wedding professional looking to make their wedding business even more of a success.  Whether you are a wedding pro with many years under your belt, or someone just starting out, there is information and support for you.  Need some advice?  Get in touch here and speak with one of our team today. [email protected]

Use all the contact features:  Add all the methods of contacting you to your profile, but, most importantly, don't forget to connect your FB messenger so that couples can talk to you in real time.  It's quicker, more effective and better for your conversions. 

Add other suppliers to your photos:  When you tag another supplier in your photo, someone who has provided another service and your photo will show up if someone searches for them too.  It's a great way of building your online and offline connections, as well as providing you with more opportunities to be seen on our platform.  The more supplier tags you add, the more opportunities to be seen.  In addition, working with trusted suppliers increases the likelihood of being booked by 26 - 46% 

Add all the locations you want to service:  If you are happy to look after the whole of the UK, you can be listed for the whole of the UK, under one profile.  No more only being able to list in one or two locations, choose as many as you would like! 

Add your awards and publications, and don't forget to add your brochures too:  Couples love to see reviews, awards and recommendations - 76% of couples use reviews to check out their suppliers and 25% take online and offline awards and recommendations into account when considering who to book.  

 For more information about upgrading email [email protected]
I have more than one business, can I list more than once? 
Absolutely!  We understand that some wedding suppliers provide more than one service, so we actually have a multiple business service, this means you can list yourself or your holding business as owner of several businesses with only one profile login, making it easier for you to manage your business. This is only available for those with a Pro Membership. With a Pro Membership, you can manage up to 3 businesses from your dashboard with ease.
For more information on this, email us on [email protected]
I'm an agency, can I sign up? 
Of course.  For smaller, local agencies, our multiple business service might work well for you.  Alternatively, get in touch here to find out about our agency profile packages.  
[email protected]
Is there still more to come? 
There is! And it's so exciting!  Pro members get first access to all new features and you can sign up to our mailing list here to be one of the first to know about all the exciting things we have to come.   
We’re continually building away in the background. Keep an eye out for ‘coming soon,’ panels giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come. 

How do I Upgrade or Downgrade?
This couldn’t be simpler. You can upgrade or downgrade with ease from your Dashboard.
To upgrade, click on any of the prompts in your Dashboard.
To downgrade, click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner, select Settings and Billing and take it from there. 
No fuss, no pushy sales calls- just you in control of your choices.
If you get stuck, drop us a line at [email protected] and we can help you too!

What do we mean by Coming Soon?
We are busy working away to constantly improve and grow Toast. If we say something is coming soon, it means this feature is in development and will be released to you within the next 6-12 months.

I’m looking for a Tag that isn’t there?
This is great news and really helpful for us! Tell us the tags that you want and we’ll add it for you!
Just email us your request [email protected]

I’ve made the wrong kind of Subscription, how do I correct this/start again?
No problem at all! Just contact the team and we’ll clear the incorrect sub and help you start again.
Just email us on [email protected]


FAQ's For Couples

How is this different to a normal directory? 
Toast is different in every way! Not only does Toast look and feel different to a normal directory but it also works differently too.  Our platform matches you to your perfect wedding suppliers, you don't have to just search for each item as you need.  (Although, you can do that too if you need to!)  We want you to get personalised wedding suppliers, without the need to trawl through suppliers who aren't right for you.  
How does it work? 
Our unique sign-in process takes the information you provide about you, your partner and your style, budget and location choices, and creates your personal Toast Profile.  This allows our smart platform to expertly curate your ideal suppliers based on your preferences (which you can edit or change at any time).  No more searching for one thing at a time, you can choose from thousands of photos providing you with the perfect inspiration for your special day.  
Found something you love?  Instantly find out who provided it, what they offer and how much they cost.  Chat with them straight away either by their in-profile Messenger or pop them a quick message via their message inbox which sends a quick email for you.  
Love the photo and don't want to lose it?  Save your Faves by clicking the heart on the top left of the photo.  Need to find this venodr again quickly?  Click the like button and it will be automatically added to your Favourited suppliers list on your dashboard.  Once you have booked someone, tick the Booked button and your Favourited supplier will move to your Booked suppliers list allowing you to always find what you need.  
I want to change my search preferences, how do I do that? 
To change your saved preferences, simply log in and head to "My Account" - you can edit your profile, preferences and marketing preferences there.  
Need to widen your search or change a preference on the go?  On the search results, adjust your immediate preferences by selecting the relevant filters.  
Need to search for something specific?  Either use the keyword search at the top of the page or click on the topics at the top of your search results to filter your matches quickly. 
I need lots of help planning my day, what do you offer? 
Aside from an amazing selection of awesome wedding coordinators, venues and planners, of course?  Our blog is full of inspiration, gorgeous real weddings and top tips.  Take a look at our videos for great How-To vids, dazzling real wedding vids, stress-busting stories and fabulous fun wedding planning go-to-guides.  
Can't find what you're looking for?  Get in touch with our team directly and let them see if they can help!  
PLUS!  We know that planning your wedding day is sometimes a juggle, so keep on top of everything with our Budget Manager and Checklist tools.  We've given you a great start to give you some easy inspiration. 
Can we have a joint Toast Profile?  
You can sign up as an individual or as a couple with one person as the account owner.  BUT - joint profiles are a new feature to come soon so watch this space. 
There's lots of new features coming, this is just the start of what we have at Toast, subscribe to our mailing list here to keep in the loop. 
Can I plan my whole wedding on Toast?
Of course!  We have a whole bunch of awesome tools for you to use to help you plan, including a checklist which we have started off for you and you can add to as you need, a budget planner and, of course, our blog full of excellent tips and tricks to make your wedding day go off without a hitch (except getting hitched which is the one you want of course!) 
And, we have lots of new features to come which will help you even more - so keep in touch with our newsletter to be the first to hear about them. 
I've just got engaged and I don't know where to start - help! 
We've got you covered, don't worry.  Why don't you start with our style quiz and get inspired?  We'll ask you some quick questions and you can choose some photos which you like the look of, then our smart platform will find you the best photos which suit your style and personality for your photobank.  Take a browse through the photos; if you love them, fave them and start finding your matches today.  
From your dashboard you'll have access to our blog full of inspiration, top tips, info and more and you can also access our checklist and budget planners too.  Everything you need to get you started.  
Start your style quiz here.

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