How To Turn A Free Consultation Into A Sale

Firstly- well done! You’ve found a great lead and have got a 1-2-1 consultation in the diary. Now, it’s all about using this precious face time with your potential client to convert their initial enquiry into an actual sale. 


You’re already in a great position. The fact that this couple are taking time out of their day to meet you face to face means that they are interested. So, how do you get that ‘yes’? It all boils down to one question: “What is important to you?” 

Asking this question, and getting a genuine answer, is the key to converting more sales, from your appointments.  

Let’s take a look at why this works.  


If you are a photographer, for example, the type of response you might get could be…  

“I really want lots of pictures of me and my guests having a good time”, or “I don’t want to be left with lots of boring photos”, or perhaps “I can’t wait for some really beautiful and intimate shots of me and my new spouse!”.  

Whatever their answer is, it gives you a good idea of how you need to pitch your services in order to clinch this client.  

To make things even easier for yourself, probe a little further. Ask more questions. Find out why they want lots of pictures of their guests having fun, or what exactly- to them- makes a boring photo. By asking more questions, you get a clearer, more specific response. This allows you to tailor your sales pitch to them directly- or even determine if this is the right customer for you.  


So, how do I use their response to strengthen my sales pitch? 

Essentially, you should aim to feed their own words back to them, as part of your Sales Pitch. Whatever they said was important to them, tell them exactly how you can deliver on it. Be exactly what they are looking for and booking you will be a no brainer.  


What might this look like? 

You mentioned that you want pictures of your guests having a good time and you also told me that you are having a lawn games...

...We can get some great action shots of you and your wedding party whilst you play.  
...Whilst I take your private photos, my second photographer can mingle with your guests and capture some candid photography of the drinks reception.   
...You could also choose to extend the time we are together, and I can get some wonderful photos of  you and your guests dancing, later on in the evening. (Note this opportunity to upsell and boost your revenue that little bit!) 


Another example might be: 

You mentioned you don’t want lots of boring photos...
...I specialise in reportage photography so formal, lined up photos is not something that I do.  I aim to blend into your party so that your guests can act naturally around me, that way you get interesting pictures of your guests.   
...I can also provide an artistic style which would look lovely as a canvas, perhaps hung on your wall. Nothing boring about me!  


Think of ways you can not only match the client’s needs and desires, but also ways you can demonstrate that your individual style, knowledge and expertise makes you the best photographer for their day.  

Ultimately, any potential client does not want to waste their time meeting with someone who simply is not going to give them what they’re looking for. Listen, be clear in your response and be prepared to tailor your pitch to suit their needs.  


Although there is, of course, a limit to this. There’s no need to pretend to be something you’re not. If their expectations are unrealistic - tell the client, respectfully, and explain why. Or, if what they’re looking for simply doesn’t align with your style and your way of doing things, don’t be afraid to politely turn their business down. Not all customers are your customers. If it’s just not a match, save yourself the stress.   


Now it’s time for you to go and convert those sales- good luck! 

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