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Your Personal Wedding Budget Breakdown

Photo by Elena Popa
Photo by Elena Popa

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You’re engaged? Congratulations! Cue the prosecco, the coming months are going to be some of the most exciting of your life. When it comes to wedding planning, the best way to enjoy the journey and keep things stress free is by nailing one thing: your budget.  

Every couple’s budget, tastes, and priorities are completely different. Here’s how to plan out your personal wedding budget, so you can get on with the fun stuff.


Half of your budget will go on the venue, the catering and the bar.

There’s no denying it, whatever your budget is, around 50% will go on the venue, and the food and drink. So, if you’re unsure where to start, this is it. Put half of your budget aside and start your venue hunt.

Venue: The Barn at Avington

Next, allocate budget based on what's important to you as a couple.

As for where the rest of your budget goes, this is hugely dependent on what’s most important to you both on your wedding day, so have a chat and decide on this together. If you love big and gorgeous floral displays, then you might be keen to carve out a nice chunk of the budget for your florist. On the other hand, if the flowers aren’t hugely significant to you, but you can't wait to have some exquisite wedding photography you can display in your home and cherish forever, then be sure to put aside a good amount for a talented photographer.

Whatever it is you're most excited for, that's where to spend your budget. 

There's no right or wrong answer on what this might be. But typically, following the venue and catering, the next big ticket items we usually find couples treasure and spend the most on are…


  • Dress and/or Tailoring
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • The Flowers
  • Entertainment (such as an amazing live band, DJ or even something a little more wild- like a Fire Performer!)
  • Accommodation
  • Groomsmen Suits and/or Bridesmaid dresses
  • Hen and/or Stag Do’s
  • Rings


Of course, for anything you don't want to splash out on, there's always a cheaper alternative. Whether it’s finding your dream dress and/or tailoring on the High Street, or choosing not to go big at your Hen and Stag Do’s. Think about ways you can trim down in one area, in order to dedicate more money to the things you really care about.

Still not sure where to prioritise your budget? Our top tip to help with the decision: quality vendors are worth every penny, if they’re providing a service you’re really excited about. What parts of your day are you the most delighted by?

Flowers by Flowers at the Dutch Barn

Don’t forget to leave some budget for the finer details.

There are so many different components that make up a wedding. All of the smaller items might not break the bank alone, but they will add up. Don’t forget to factor these into your budget:


  • Stationery
  • Cake
  • Jewellery and accessories
  • Hair and beauty
  • Shoes
  • Transport
  • Additional decor and entertainment, such as a photobooth, magician, guest book, etc.
  • Gifts for the wedding party


Now you know how to get started. Sit down, plan out your budget, and start hunting for your wedding vendors. And don't forget, your Toast Budget Calculator will help you keep track of your costs!

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