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Wait, how do I plan a wedding? Your ultimate wedding planning guide.

Photo by Elena Popa Photography
Photo by Elena Popa Photography

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Congrats! You’re engaged!
The news has spread, the champagne’s been drunk and your engagement celebrations are starting to simmer down. Now it’s time to plan a wedding. But wait, where do I start? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, trust us- you’re not alone. The task of bringing your wedding day into a reality can feel huge and a bit daunting. We promise you, it doesn’t have to be this way.
The trick to nailing your wedding planning is breaking things down into a list of smaller jobs that you can easily work your way through – and have a lot of fun with whilst you’re doing it. (We’re looking at you, menu tasting.) 

Remember, there’s no huge rush. Most couples are engaged for around 18 months for a reason. Give yourself some time to enjoy this period and slowly tackle each part of your wedding to-do list, without it completely overtaking your life.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve created the ultimate wedding planning checklist for you. Create your free Toast account and head to My Checklists to find out what needs to be done and when’s a good time to do it. Plus, you can check your tasks off as you go!

Before you get started- we’ve got a ton of extra tips and pearls of wedding wisdom, to help you on your way. Take a look below and let’s plan your wedding! 


So, where do I start?


First thing’s first, working out your budget.

This is top of the list for a reason- it’s going to play a big part in a lot of the other exciting decisions you get to make. We know this task isn’t a fun one, but we’ve got you covered! Our handy Budget Tracker means you’ll always know exactly where you are with your money. Punch in your total budget and track your spending as you go. Plus, find out roughly how much you might expect to spend on each part of your wedding (useful, right?!). To use your Budget Tracker, create your free account here.

Our biggest tip when it comes to budget? Spend some time thinking about what it is that matters to you most. Splash out on the areas you really care about and cut corners on the things you don’t (regardless of what opinions you might be getting from other people). If you’re a massive foodie and want your wedding to be one tasty food fiesta, or can’t imagine the big day without being surrounded by the most beautiful florals, then simply make sure you budget some extra money for that. Whatever kind of wedding it is that you want, you do you. 


A Few Top Wedding Planning Tips


Make notes to keep track of all the important details.

Was it the third venue you visited that had that divine chandelier you simply have to dance under, or the fourth? No, wait- definitely the second… right? We know how quickly all the places and suppliers you visit can turn into one confusing muddle, but don’t panic! There’s a simple solution to this: jot down some notes. It might seem obvious, but the more notes you make, the less you have to try and remember (and inevitably forget) when it was you tasted the most heavenly cake.

Asking a trusty friend or family member to take down important information for you is a great way to make sure you can fully enjoy visiting suppliers without having your head stuck in a notebook. We’re certain they’ll be more than happy to help!


Onto one of the best parts- the food. 

We’re sure that menu tasting won’t be a chore for either of you, but here’s a couple of tips for creating a menu that both you and your guests will never forget.
Adding a few personalised touches into your wedding day is sure to make it extra special, and the menu is one of the perfect places for this. Recreating a dish from your first holiday together or having a make-your-own (insert favourite food) station for evening guests is sure to get everyone talking (and eating!). And as fun as dancing is, don’t forget to eat some of that delicious food yourself. Being hungry on your wedding day is not the way, trust us.


RSVP (in writing we can read, please!)

The invites have been sent and the RSVPs are starting to return- look at you being so organised. That is, until that dreaded card comes back, and you have absolutely no idea what it says or who sent it. Disaster. But don’t worry, it’s completely avoidable! Before you send your invites out, simply number the back of each RSVP card to match up with your guest list. No more sitting around for hours trying to figure out who that ‘vegetarian who’d love a plus one’ actually is. 


Need an excuse to celebrate early?

You know that smug feeling you get when you check something off your to-do list normally? Well, what if we told you that you could enjoy that twice as much with wedding planning- sounds like a great idea, right? We’re big believers that celebrating along the way is key to squeezing out as much enjoyment as possible during the wedding-planning process and making those milestones even more of a victory. 
Nothing’s too big or small to enjoy a bottomless brunch with your pals, or a well-deserved movie night with your fiancé. After all, every tick in a box is one step closer to making your wedding a reality, and that’s definitely something to celebrate!


Now you’ve read this, we hope that planning your wedding doesn’t seem so daunting after all! With plenty of tips and tricks under your belt, you’ve got this.

If you’re ready to start the hunt for Suppliers, don’t forget to take our Quiz. From the location to your colour palette- and everything in between- tell us all about your wedding day and we’ll match you with the best Suppliers for you!


Written by Hannah Penwright. Hannah is a uni student studying Journalism, Media and English Literature. An up-and-coming wordsmith and a real foodie (if you're looking for plant-based recipe ideas, Hannah's your gal). Look out for more articles by Hannah, coming to Toast soon, and check out her lifestyle blog here!

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