What does the latest lockdown announcement mean for your wedding?

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Following this afternoons announcement that weddings will once again face restrictions due to COVID-19 over the next two weeks, we know how frustrating this must be, for both Couples and Suppliers. After a tough few months and thousands of post-poned weddings, the thought of facing yet another change of plans is disappointing and confusing. 

Essentially, today's announcement means that the planned easing of restrictions due to take place from tomorrow (1st August) has been largely cancelled. So, when it comes to what this means for your wedding, things will be staying pretty much exactly as they have been for the last several weeks. 


If you're unsure exactly how these changes will effect you and your plans, we've broken it down here for you: 

- Wedding ceremonies can take place:  Wedding ceremonies, where no more than 30 people are inside, can take place – as long as everyone is wearing face masks.    

- Wedding receptions can't take place: Whilst the news a few weeks ago that wedding receptions for 30 people would be allowed, this sadly has been cancelled again for at least two weeks. 

- No beauty:  You will need to do your own makeup as beauty treatments are still under lockdown  

- Facemasks will be required:  From 8th August, it will be the law that everyone wears facemasks inside, including in places of worship, before this date it is strongly recommended, and some venues may insist.  

- Shielding guests can attend: Shielded guests will be out of shielding measures as planned from Saturday so may attend ceremonies but will need to be more restrictive. 

- Social Distancing is required:  You should lay out your seating / reserve seating accordingly to ensure households are 2 metres apart  

- No food and drink: Unless for required ceremonial purposes, no food or drink should be consumed as part of the ceremony 

- Wash hands before and after exchanging rings:  The rings should be handled as little as possible. Have hand sanitiser available to use after exchanging rings 

- Keep babies and toddlers close: Infants should only be held by members of the same household or household bubble to avoid running around or getting in contact with others 

- Keep it short: Where religious ceremonies are longer (especially those over several days), these should be kept as short as possible. 

- No singing, wind instruments or shouting:  Singing, shouting and wind instruments can spread droplets so these are not permitted.  Get recordings of your fave songs and hymns.  Singing can be performed by one person behind a screen if necessary.  

- Ceremonial washing preparation:  Where ceremonial washing is required, this should be done before the ceremony where possible and not at the venue. 

- Avoid communal items:  The handling or kissing of ceremonial items should be avoided 

- No communal resources: Hymn sheets or hymn books should not be used.  Single use order of services are a good replacement, or try a projector and screen instead.  

- Photographer counts as a guest:  Suppliers and non-guests that attend who are not part of the venue’s staffing team will be counted as part of the 30 attendees.    

- Test and Trace:  You should get the details of all your guests and ensure that, in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, the details can be passed to the government’s test and trace system. 


We know this is not what anyone hoped would happen, but the most important thing is that you get to marry your love, can keep safe and keep those around you safe too.   

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