Hooray, weddings are back! What do the new lockdown rules mean for your day?

Photo by Chris Barber Photography
Photo by Chris Barber Photography

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Finally, a glimmer of good news for engaged couples! The Prime Minister announced this week that with lockdown rules easing up, weddings will be able to take place again from July 4th. But, there are significant restrictions still in place. 


What this means for your wedding, at a glance...

  • Wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships are allowed to take place from July 4th
  • Only up to 30 people can attend and they must follow social distancing rules
  • This applies to ceremonies only, wedding receptions and parties still cannot take place

For couples based in Northern Ireland and Wales, outdoor ceremonies for a small number of people have been allowed since June. For those based in Scotland, weddings are still not allowed to take place. 


What else do I need to consider?

In order to prevent a second wave of Covid-19, it is still very important that anyone who is showing symptoms must isolate for 7 days. Additionally, anyone who has been in contact with someone showing symptoms must isolate for 14 days. This rule applies even on your wedding day, so it’s well worth minimising contact with people outside of your household in the run up to your ceremony. No one wants the heartbreak of having to cancel their ceremony (maybe for a second or even third time!) because you start showing symptoms a few days before. 

When communicating with your guests, also remind them of the self-isolation rule. As much as you want everyone to be there, if they do have any symptoms at all, they need to stay at home. 

If any of your invited guests are over the age of 70, it’s also worth them staying at home. This particular age group are still very vulnerable. 


A few extra pieces of good news….

With hairdressers also set to open on 4th July- at least you can still indulge in a little beauty on the morning of your wedding ceremony! Hair salons across the country are getting booked up quick, so give them a call and schedule your appointment sooner rather than later. 

Plus, domestic travel within England will also be permitted from July 4th, with hotels, B&Bs and campsites set to reopen. This means that whilst you might not be jetting off to a tropical paradise as planned, you can still celebrate your nuptials with a local honeymoon! 2020 has been TOUGH. Take a well deserved break and go and relax in the British countryside for a couple weeks with your new spouse. This doesn’t mean you can’t go abroad for the more exotic honeymoon you always wanted, at another time. But those first few weeks of married life really are blissful. Don’t deprive yourself of that joy and make the most of them. 


So, what now? 

If you’re either set to get married in the next couple of months or sadly have had to postpone your wedding earlier this year, you have two main options to choose from. 


Get married now and host the reception later:
It might not be the wedding day you had wanted, but the important thing is- you can still get married. If you don’t want to wait any longer to marry the love of your life, why should you have to? You can still have a beautiful, intimate ceremony with your closest loved ones there to be a part of it. It’s a memory for you to cherish. Plus, you can have a very small celebration afterwards (either with your support bubble or with six people outdoors). A tiny but lovely dinner, to celebrate the occasion. Get dressed up, add a little styling and decor to your home or garden and make something special out of it. 

Plus, this way you get to have two wedding days! You can have the exact wedding you wanted, just a little later on. From the venue, to the dress or suit you were so excited to wear, to the speeches and cake cutting- you can do it all with your full guest list. You could even have a second ceremony, this time with a blessing, to really embrace the day. 


Wait and have the wedding day you really want:
The idea of just a simple ceremony with a small number of guests not sitting quite right with you? That’s totally understandable! If you want to hold out for the wedding you spent so much time planning and being excited for, then what’s the rush? This is a weird time for everybody. Life has been put on hold for months. Your guests will understand if you simply want to postpone and do things properly, when things have gotten back to normal. Get in touch with all your guests and suppliers to let them know, then relax. Taking control of the situation and making a final decision will make you feel much better. 

Plus, you could always do something small and lovely when your original wedding date does come around. Celebrate either just as the two of you, with your support bubble or with six people outside. As long as you’re following all of the current social distancing guidelines and rules, you can still have a wonderful day. 


Ultimately, it’s completely up to you as a couple in terms of what you want to do from here. There’s no right or wrong answer- go with whatever feels right, for you. 

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