Change the Date Cards: Letting your guests know your wedding has been postponed

Photo by Made by Wood and Wood (Stationery Supplier)
Photo by Made by Wood and Wood (Stationery Supplier)

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If your wedding was due to take place in the next few weeks or months, then might have made the heartbreaking decision to postpone your wedding. We know how disappointed you must be, we’re sorry. We also know that you now have the tricky task of reorganising and rescheduling all your plans. High up on the to-do list? Letting all your guests know.

Firstly, we recommend letting your guests know that the date is changing, pretty much as soon as you’ve settled on the decision. To make things as quick and easy as possible, a simple email or even Whatsapp message will do. A few lines letting them know that you’ve sadly had to postpone, and that you’ll be in touch with a new date and details, shortly. All of your guests will completely understand, and will possibly even feel relieved you’ve made the decision as to whether they should or should not attend, for them. We’re all going through this strange time, together.

Your next concern as far as your guests go is probably letting them know the new date as soon as possible, so they can get it in their diaries before other events, holidays and occasions get in the way.


Swap Save the Dates for Change the Dates

The solution? As soon as you’re settled on a new wedding date, send out some lovely Change the Date cards!

An element of wedding stationery you never thought you’d need. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t need to cost you a thing.

Since we’re all spending much more time at home right now, here’s your license to get a little creative. Let us introduce you to the wonder that is, Canva.

This handy online design tool makes it easier than ever to create beautiful stationery, yourself. Trust us. Even if you’re not the creative type, thanks to a library of gorgeous templates to get you started, you can do this. Set up a free account today and give it a go.

(A quick note to say that this post is in no way sponsored or paid for by Canva! We're just their number one fans.)

Top Tips For Designing Your Own Change The Date Cards

Get Inspired with PinterestNot sure where to start? Head to Pinterest and search for ‘Save the Dates’. There you’ll find a plethora of gorgeous design ideas to get you started.

Use Templates and Font CombinationsThere’s no need to start totally from scratch. Browse Canva’s library of templates for anything that’s ready for you to simply tweak and update with your personal details. We also recommend taking a peak at the ready made font combinations you’ll find under the ‘text’ tab- there’s some beautiful ideas ready to go in there, too!

Go PersonalOne of the loveliest things about creating your own design is, this is well and truly bespoke to you. You have the freedom to get really personal with it. Let your personality as a couple shine through. You might even want to include a photo of the two of you together- if you fancy it!

Keep it SimpleA great tip when it comes to design is quite simply, don’t over complicate things. Less really can be more. A simple look that isn’t crammed full with too many elements, with just a few lines of text, is definitely the way to go.


Sending Your Designs

Once you’re happy with your final design, you’ve got two options for sending them out.

Firstly, you can keep things simple, speedy and environmentally friendly by downloading your designs and sending them to your guests digitally. Pop it an email, and away you go. Job done.

Your second option is to print and post your designs. You’ve created something beautiful, maybe it deserves to be tangible! Something lovely you and your guests can keep and display proudly on the fridge.

We’ve got a recommendation for this, too- Moo.

Moo is a wonderful online printing service and our go-to for great quality prints at a competitive price. Simply choose your dimensions and your paper coating and thickness, then upload your complete design. Your Change the Date cards will then be delivered to your door, ready for you to stuff into envelopes and send out to your guests.

That’s it! Your guests are up to date and your wedding plans are starting to get back on track. Looking for more help and advice on what to do when you’re rescheduling your wedding? Take a look at some of our other articles, or reach out to our Experts direct!

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